Welcome to the newest addition to our Centre.

TEHC offers a comprehensive range of treatments focused only on your health and wellbeing.

Our approach to the Beauty is very simple: A healthy skin is a beautiful skin.

All our treatments are 100% non invasive. They go from the classic manicure and pedicure, waxing, facial and body peelings to the more advanced Meso-Vac technique to lose sizes, reduce skin aging and improve drastically the effects that Cellulite has on our body.

Our Centre offers a totally professional approach to beauty therapy using the very latest techniques and treatments available. Our aim is to relax, refresh, rejuvenate and renew your body and mind.

Facial And Body Treatments

Know and respect your skin.

External conditions, to which you are exposed to everyday are all factors that adversely affect the general condition of the skin and the body in general.

When it´s hot it is important to know how to behave ourselves, not only on the beach but also in the workplace, at home, or whist out, walking with friends.

The most common rule is to prepare and protect your skin. Then the selection of appropriate products that will be protecting you from UV rays and sunburns.

It´s also necessary to drink plenty of pure spring water and natural unsweetened juices that shouldn´t be too cold. Water plays an important role in the body. It cleanses the body of toxins, prevents skin drying out, protects and cleans the skin, and also stimulates the renewal of dead cells.

And then there is food. Of course, food must be lightweight, balanced and easily digestible.Try to focus your attention to all fresh and less processed fruits and vegetables.

All of this will be reflected on the appearance of your skin, hair and nails.

Dehydrated skin more quickly becomes old, full of wrinkles and stains. The skin loses its luster, vitality and resilience. Our goal is to help you to gain the best skin possible and then to maintain it

Availbale Treatments:

  • Deep Facial Cleansing

  • Facial Hydration

  • Flash Hygiene

  • Eye Contour Care

  • Body Scrub

  • Body Scrub with Hydration

  • Deep Back & Shoulders Cleansing

  • Rejuvination Facial

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The 100% NATURAL PEELING that respects your skin and gets amazing results. The GREEN PEEL® Herbal Peeling Treatment is offered only by certified aestheticians as a treatment in cosmetic salons. This is ONLY available to us in the whole of TENERIFE. The basis is a mixture of eight selected herbs containing enzymes, minerals and vitamins, which are massaged into the skin. One method – three treatments Varying amounts of the herbal plant mixtures allows the GREEN PEEL® Herbal Peeling Treatment to be adapted to individual skin conditions and the personal treatment goals. Our Specialized Aesthetician will draw you a customized treatment in a FREE personal consulting session. Book yours now!! Contact Us Click the image to view the complete course of treatments available.

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Fresh Up
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Green Peel
Green Peel
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Manicura & Pedicura


We believe in simplicity, healthy nails & soft skin, we don’t like roughness in your feet and we have the tools to give you the full treatment so that your feet are in perfect condition and you hands are ready for your beautiful nails.

With over 10 years experience on hand and feet care our Specialist will make the difference.

-All our instruments are professionally sterilized each use.

-All the manicure and pedicure includes for FREE the final polish with the color of your choice.

Available Treatments:

  • Manicura

  • Pedicura

  • Medical Manicura

  • Medical Pedicura

  • Manicura & Pedicura with Shellac Polish®

  • Spa Pedicura

  • Mini Pedicura

  • File & Polish



Why Shellac Polish?

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Hot Waxing

Why Hot Waxing?

  • Hot wax makes shorter and more stubborn hairs easier to remove

  • More comfortable way of removing intimate hair

  • Good for sensitive skin

You can be assured that you are in safe and expert hands and you’ll be very happy with the results.

Hot Waxing Overview

Hot wax depilation has been available over many years it has a thick consistency is applied to the skin with a spatula, it coats the hair with a thick layer.

As the wax cools it becomes firmer contracting around the hairs and gripping them tightly. The wax remains on the skin until it becomes soft and peelable. It is then pulled off the skin with a fast movement.

Advantages of Hot Waxing

  • It works well onto small patches of strong coarse hair

  • It does not leave a sticky residue

  • It is a good for removing shorter hairs

  • More suited to those with sensitive skin

  • Great for intimate areas


What Will I Have To Do?

Make sure hair is trimmed to 1cm as this makes the hot waxing treatment more comfortable

How Can I Avoid In-Growing Hairs?

Exfoliate the skin thoroughly to remove dead skin cells. Moisturise the skin every day. If the skin is supple, new growth can break through more easily reducing the risk of in-growing hairs and infection.

How Long Will The Results Last?

In most cases, you will see minimal re-growth during the first 3 weeks, with a noticeable increase after that. Continued waxing encourages slower, sparser re-growth.

How Often Should I Get Waxed?

We recommend that you come in every 4 -6 weeks.

Hot Waxing Aftercare

For a better waxing experience, why not read our simple guide:

  • Do not undertake any other skincare treatments within 48 hours of having a waxing treatment

  • Avoid friction from nylon material or tight clothing.

  • Keep skincare products to a minimum for 24 hours after waxing, then after 24 Hours it is vital that you use a good quality moisturizer.

  • Avoid using perfumed body lotions or creams. To minimize any risk of infection always wash your hands before applying the lotion.

  • For long term improvements, book-in for regular treatments and do not shave between treatments

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